Best VPN for Torrenting 2019


Best VPN for Torrenting 2019

What is torrenting?

Torrenting or P2P is basically a fast way of sharing files via secure and reliable Bittorrent protocol. It helps in downloading movies, games, TV shows, programs and music by dividing the file with other peers in torrent network who had already downloaded the file and sharing it with other users. The programs for downloading such files through BitTorrent protocol are called BitTorrent clients.

How does torrenting works?
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When you are downloading any file using any of the BitTorrent program, you get involved in a huge network of users who are sharing the same file you want to download. The file splits into little chunks and divided into peer to peer network sharing to those who don’t have that file yet. This way all the downloaded parts are put together and the complete file is downloaded. This type of downloading is easy for sharing files and the splitting of file makes downloading faster.

What are torrent clients?

Torrent clients are Applications or software’s’ which are used to transfer huge file or to download large files faster than normal downloading. It is essential to choose best torrent clients as mentioned in the article for downloading along with best torrent VPN for safe torrenting.

What is the best VPN for downloading torrents?

Our team highly recommends paid and most secure VPNs which have their servers optimized for P2P transfers. We have mentioned in this article all best torrenting VPNs. But our VPN experts highly recommend Express VPN to be the best for torrenting. It will encrypt your whole data with high security protocols so no one will be able to penetrate into the secured tunnel. It will not only conceal your genuine IP address but will hide your location leaving you completely anonymous. This way you will enjoy torrenting and P2P file sharing without fear of getting caught by ISP or other governmental agencies.

What’s better for BitTorrent?-VPN/PROXY?

For torrenting, VPN or proxy both have almost similar functions and features for providing security and also have distinct advantages of their own. Check the features of both and think wisely what will be best option between them for BitTorrent.

Features of VPNFeatures of Proxy

• Encrypts complete internet connection
• Encrypts only one program or protocol (Bittorrent)
• Connects via anonymous IP address
• Wide range of servers locations and protocols
• Limited numbers of servers
• Mostly has its own software
• Does not have own software
• Greater encryption than proxy
• Less encryption than VPN
• Costly than Proxy
• Cheaper than VPN
• Extra features
• No extra features

With above analysis from the table, you can easily see that both offers the connection to anonymous IP but VPN gives you high encryption with multi-supported protocols than proxy. Hence if you are more concerned about privacy and want to prevent connection from snooping by having secure tunnel than you should use best VPN for torrenting. It is costly than proxy but will always be worth having when torrenting!

How to torrent safely in UK?

UK government has banned number of torrent websites in an effort to fight against piracy. In fact, the government is introducing laws for online pirates to punish them with 10-years jail term for wrongdoings. Moreover, UK court has ordered ISPs to block most famous torrent websites including Torrentz, the Pirate Bay, and Kickass Torrents. Hence, P2P filesharing seemed to becoming illegal in UK very soon.

However, torrenting in UK can be safe if you are using a tool to hide your identity online. There are numerous ways like Smart DNS, proxy servers and browser extensions for P2P. But the most effective approach is using best VPN for torrenting like ExpressVPN which supports P2P file sharing and is always worth using due to other come along benefits!

How to use Popcorn Time app?Popcorn time is a free, open source, easy to use app for streaming a huge collection of pirated movies. Technically, this app downloads file temporarily to your computer and disappears on exiting the program. Some of the legal parties consider it as source for copyright infringement but in reality not all users are involved in those activities. However, if you want to use Popcorn Time securely than use best VPN for torrenting mentioned in the table to keep your privacy to yourself.

How to hide Bittorrent IP address?

Many of the torrent users might not be aware of protecting their IP which is being exposed to the others in cyber space. Therefore, in order to hide your true IP address while torrenting from other peers, spying agencies and ISP you should use best Torrenting VPN we recommended in our table which will mask your actual IP by providing you fake IP address.

What are the known risks of BitTorrent File sharing?

Many of you might be unaware of serious risks as mentioned below of using BitTorrent for downloading. Go through them and get an easy solution to all with best VPN for torrenting:

Cyber-crimes and hackers:

Using Bit torrent protocol for file sharing exposes your IP address publically. Any hacker can easily hack your system and use your personal information, usernames, passwords, and any other data. If you have not secured your IP using the best Torrent VPN then you might possibly get a victim of these cyber-criminals who are always looking for an innocent user to get caught by them!

Be aware! Downloading can sometime harm you. Most often hackers add malware and viruses making the file vicious. Always be extra careful when downloading a file and accepting to its terms and conditions. Use best VPN for torrenting while downloading any software or torrent file. It will protect you from downloading malicious file and guard you against malwares and viruses.

ISP Throttling and Logging:

ISP throttling and keeping users log is a common practice. Even if you have an unlimited bandwidth package, your ISP will always throttles and limits your bandwidth. An ISP can see and monitor your online activities but the worse part of it is that they keep a log of it. This includes anything! Might be your bank details, your browsing data or anything personal! Using a Torrent VPN, you can stay safe and protect your data by establishing a secure tunnel between you and your computer.

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