Breast Reduction Side Effects and Complications


Breast Reduction Side Effects and Complications

Both men and women can require plastic surgery for the size of their breasts in order to improve their overall quality of life and relieve themselves of the self image and pain that often times comes with this condition. However, there are side effects of a breast reduction that you should be aware of before you decide to actually have the procedure done. The “side effects of breast reduction” are often times the same for both men and women, however, there are a few things worth mentioning that can vary from one sex to the other.

The most commonly experienced of the side effects of breast reduction in men and women is a loss of sensation in the nipple. The procedure itself increases the possibility of nerve damage suffered by the patient in the breast area as well as reduce the overall blood supply to the breast or nipple itself. For very large breasts, moving the nipple and areola is sometimes not possible. This means that it will need to be disconnected form the tissues and nerves in order to be relocated on the breast.

One of the biggest concerns that women have to worry about when talking about the side effects of breast reduction that isn’t a problem for men is losing the ability to breast feed. If you wish to have this option when you have children, it may be better for you to wait until you have children before you have the procedure done. However, if it isn’t a concern you have, then losing the ability to breast feed may not be a problem for you.

The next problem or side effect that is experienced is a permanent scarring of the breast or breast area. This is a surgery, make not mistake, and in order to perform the surgery your surgeon will have to make incisions into your breast area. This leaves permanent scars on the breast. The most obvious scars are the vertical and horizontal incisions and will remain even after you have completely healed from the surgery.

If you are a smoker, you significantly increase your chances of having larger and much less smooth scars when you are finished. This is due to smoking blocking the overall amount of oxygen that your body receives during the healing process. In addition to this, internal bleeding or excessive bruising experienced during the operation itself may also cause increased scar size.

For men, this is a much larger concern as the reduction itself usually leads to much, much smaller breasts than in women. Also, men are much more likely to go without a shirt where the scars will be visible. In public, women typically don’t have this problem as they at least wear a bra or bikini of some type that covers the breast. This can lead to other self esteem issues about the scars themselves in men who have the procedure done.

The final on our list of side effects of breast reduction is breast asymmetry. After surgery, many people have the problem of their breasts not being symmetrical in their size, shape, or overall appearance. This means that both breasts don’t look identical to one another. Also, the nipple itself may not be in the same location on both breasts. Many times an additional surgery may need to be done in order to fix this problem.

This is much more common in women than in men as women usually have significantly larger breasts remaining after the surgery. This makes it much more difficult for the surgeon to make both breasts look exactly the same in all aspects including size, shape, and the location of the nipple. It can occur in men, however, since the reduction is usually to a much flatter chest it is less common than in women.


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