Capture the Vivacity with TurboSquid Sexy Rigged Female 3D Model


Capture the Vivacity with TurboSquid Sexy Rigged Female 3D Model

The sexy rigged female max model from TurboSquid already simulates the reality of a living human. It’s intricately designed with poses and stature that reproduces the real character of a human female. What’s more, it is a model of a perfect female as perceived by the world.

Its designers at TurboSquid have succeeded in coming up with different versions of the model for anyone to make a choice. From full body naked, to bikini dressed, to a model striking different poses, the rigged female captures all rounds of top female model qualities.

Rigged Female 3D Model

Featuring the real world woman scale of height and size, the 3ds max 2011 created model can be used for several purposes by different promoters. Advertisers are the first people who have found a perfect 3D female model with this rigged female max model. Film makers, design visualization and game cut scenes also have their fair interest with this female model.

Basically, it is the features of this model that give it the credit. It comes in two hair types, the blonde tied back and dark long. It offers a choice of three different iris textures, body dressed in two color choices dark blue and white bikini plus underwear set.

The stature reality is further enhanced by a choice of two stiletto shoes. It also come with eye and mouth control, dilation of pupils and skin shades. All these have successfully brought out the vivacity in this model as that of a real female.

But this has all been made possible only at TurboSquid. The 3D designer already knows the challenges facing anyone looking for such a female model. That is why it has come up with such a detailed mesh rigged female max. To make it even more applicable and convenient for you, you can make a preview of the model before buying.

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