Dyson AM05 Hot Cool Fan Heater


Dyson AM05 Hot Cool Fan Heater

Dyson AM05 Hot Cool Fan Heater – Seasons changing can be very painful for us. During winter, wake up in the chill morning is a real struggle while during summer the air can be so hot so we can feel our head melting. Basically, we always need to be balance. We want to be warm during winter and we want cold air during the summer.

To overcome this problem, people create air conditioner and air heater. Air conditioner will chill the room during the winter and air heater will make your room warmer during the winter. The question is why we can get single equipment for all seasons? The best answer will be Dyson Hot Cool Fan Heater. Dyson Hot Cool Heater is a single adjustable room heater that will help you to pass through the four seasons in a year.

Your life will be easier when you have Dyson Cool Fan Heater at home. This device will help you to measure the desired room temperature no matter what the season now. Say goodbye for your traditional air conditioner and room heater because now you only need single small space heater to do both cooling and heating task.

The AM05 series is the new version that replaces AM04. The newest version of Dyson hot and cool machine is claimed to be more powerful than its previous version. The first impression about this machine is about the design. We can say that Dyson AM05 Hot Cool Fan Heater is a piece of art.

The design of this machine is very modern and simple. You will think that this adjustable room heater is future equipment because of its futuristic design. When people look at this machine, they will never know that it is a cool and hot fan heater. To operate this machine, there is a remote control that will help you to control the room temperature by pressing the button.

You can measure the room temperature between 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. This will make you easier to choose the desired temperature according to the seasons. This adjustable small space heater is also safe for children. Even in the heating mode, this machine is cool to touch. There are no blades in this smart fan that will hurt your children.

The weight of this adjustable room heater is just 2.5 kg so you can easily move this machine around your home. For those who want to buy small space heater that combines safety, function, and design, Dyson AM05 Hot Cool Fan Heater can be the perfect choice.

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