Finding Good CPAP Cleaning Machine: VirtuCLEAN is Ideal For You


Finding Good CPAP Cleaning Machine: VirtuCLEAN is Ideal For You

Cleaning your CPAP equipment is essential to ensuring safe and effective sleep therapy; and with the VirtuCLEAN cleanup is easy! Imagine…You get on your pajamas, ready for a good night sleep. This has been quite a very long day and you need nothing more than to creep in to bed, placed on your own CPAP mask, and start cutting the sheep. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Now, imagine that same scenario, however with some bacteria, mold and germs that are currently catching some zzz’s beside you. Yuck! Not as appealing anymore today is it? This really is the point where both the VirtuCLEAN along with Soclean sanitizers become involved.

Even the VirtuCLEAN is a compact, ultra-convenient CPAP sanitizer. It uses triggered oxygen that kills 99.99% of bacteria and germs on your CPAP supplies. At just half a pound and 4.6″ by 2.5″, it is the tiniest and most portable CPAP cleaning device in the marketplace. Maitenance, filters, or even no more prewashes required.

The VirtuCLEAN cleans and sanitizes your mask, tubing and room with an all pure cleaning process that efficiently destroys 99.9percent of mold, viruses and germs without the usage of fluids or unpleasant chemicals.

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Dirty Equipment May Lead to Infections
As a CPAP user, it is imperative that you stay uptodate with maintenance and the cleanup of your machine, conceal and other supplies. By doing so, you will help to prevent bacteria and mold from forming inside your equipment which could lead to ailments such as respiratory infection. Having sleep apnea is enough of a hassle is a wonderful respiratory disorder to go with your struggle to breath as you sleep. Please, take my advice…be diligent in the maintenance of your CPAP supplies…

The VirtuCLEAN can be used to wash and sanitize your CPAP equipment every day and that means that you’ll go to sleep each night knowing your sleep therapy routine is virus , germ and bacteria ! VirtuClean uses o-zone — a natural sanitizing agent — to clean up and disinfect without chemicals that are harsh, smelly or water.

O zone also referred to as Activated Oxygen was found in hospitals, food manufacturing and water purification. When a atom of oxygen combines with the oxygen molecule that makes the air we 22, it is generated. O zone is generated by the VirtuCLEAN Sanitizer and pushes it throughout your CPAP equipment to destroy viruses, bacteria and molds. VirtuClean requires water no soap, cleaning solutions, filters, adapters or on-going maintenance

VirtuClean works together with most standard and slim tubing. DirectHomeMedical includes a tubing adapter that is heated using each package sold so your VirtuClean is going to be compatible with heated tube options also!

Weighing in at just half per pound, the VirtuCLEAN is ideal for use at home and on the move. It can be kept in a table drawer luggage, purse or backpack. Included with the VirtuClean can be a purpose Travel & cleansing Bag as well as a charger to get VirtuCLEAN’s integrated rechargeable battery. A depleated battery will last up to 7 full cycles before requiring a recharge and takes 2 hours. Recharging is simple through an AC outlet using the USB adapter or through any USB port.

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