Healthy Eating For Conception And Pregnancy

A lot of people are aware that obesity caries with it many health risks, including heart disease and diabetes. But not many know than obesity has been implicated in fertility problems culminating in failure to conceive. As obesity rates soar world over, so do fertility problems, for many men and women. Healthy eating for fertility and conception starts with eating to aid loss, which is the potential problem, in the first place.

In women obesity can potentially disrupt ovulation, thereby reducing their fertility. Healthy eating for conception is not just a woman issue. Men, obese men, also need to undertake healthy eating for fertility, as obesity has also been implicated in low sperm counts. Obviously, this in turn reduces the chances of conception and pregnancy. The good news is that if fertility problems are a result of overweight and obesity, either in one or both partners, then it can be reversed with healthy eating. If both partners need to lose weight, then a concerted effort, on their part, adds the much needed motivation to the equation, making the whole process easier to accomplish.

As most people already know, people get overweight or obese when their caloric intake far outweighs their caloric expenditure. Adopting a conscious and sustainable healthy eating plan will ensure long-term success, which will not only improve chances of conception, but also the overall health. A reduced calorie diet, which is well balance is a good start which will ensure healthy weight loss. Once the weight has been shed the health risks of obesity, including infertility, will diminish.

Healthy eating for conception and pregnancy is not just about losing excess weight, it’s also about getting the much needed nutrients, like minerals and vitamins, to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy. One of the main vitamins necessary for a healthy outcome is folic acid, a form of vitamin B. Folic acid helps prevent congenital disorders like spina bifida, a birth defect of the spinal cord. For even better results, combining healthy eating with a more active lifestyle whilst trying to conceive and during pregnacy boosts the chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy. Because conceiving is not the final result, having a healthy pregnancy to term is, losing some weight also reduces the risks of a miscarriage. Not only that. Some women, especially overweight or obese ones, develop diabetes during pregnancy which is termed gestational diabetes.

In the light of this, it is even more imperative for the obese prospective mothers to eat healthily and lose some weight. Having said all the above, it’s not just the obese only who have fertility problems. Even non-obese people may encounter infertility problems, from time to time, and may need fertility treatments. One important thing, though, is that obesity can nullify fertility treatments, leading to considerably lengthy and more expensive treatments, compared to non-obese patients. Therefore healthy eating and weight loss for fertility bodes well for obese prospective mothers.

Whichever way you look at it, there is no denying that being overweight has serious implications to one’s chances of conceiving and having a normal healthy pregnancy. The good thing is that obesity is reversible, and if the right weight loss options are adopted then the extra pounds can be shed and kept off for good. Healthy eating, coupled with exercise, is one such sustainable weight loss option available.
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