Modern Air Mattress Features


Modern Air Mattress Features

Contemporary air mattresses are very different from traditional air mattresses that most people are familiar with. Today’s air beds provide a level of comfort and convenience that traditional airbeds can’t match. No more spending your time and energy fighting with the mattress to get it inflated. No more lugging around a separate pump, that half the time you can’t find anyway. No longer will you practically break your back trying to get in or out of your airbed. Today, these inflatable beds include internal air chambers that are filled with air through an electric air pump that is built into the bed. These beds have customized inflation controls that allow you to easily add or remove air from the bed. To many, the best new feature is the height of the raised airbeds, which can stand as tall as twenty-two inches high!

Why Do You Need A New Inflatable Bed?

Maybe you are having guests over for the holidays. Maybe your kids are having a sleepover. You could be going on a camping trip or just need an affordable temporary bed. All of these are great reasons to buy a new air bed, but their modern features make it an even easier decision.

Air beds today are made from heavy duty PVC vinyl materials. This construction helps to prevent against leaks and provides added comfort. The technology has come a long way as far as providing the support, comfort and natural bed feel that most people desire. These advanced materials also go a long way towards minimizing the susceptibility to leaks. No airbed is leak-proof, but they have definitely improved leaps and bounds from past designs.

Another great advancement has been the inclusion of built-in electric pumps and comfort air chambers. As proof, look no further than one of the most popular air mattress brands around, Intex. Any intex air mattress review you find will tout the speed and ease at which their built-in pumps inflate their airbeds. No longer do you need to track down that handheld electric pump to inflate your bed. This newer design fills the airbed up in just minutes when compared to the time it takes with external pumping devices. With the turn of a dial, you can adjust the amount of air in the air bed to the comfort level you want. If you have the perception that all air mattresses are small, lumpy and uncomfortable, think again. You’d be surprised at the size and quality of many air beds that are now available. The built-in pumps afford you the chance to adjust the air pressure until you get the support that is best for you….not too firm and not too soft.

There have also been changes in the design of the air chambers. Many modern air beds have multiple air chambers that can be inflated to different levels, allowing you to customize your sleeping preferences with the touch of a dial. Generally, you can control the pressure in the “top” or “bottom” chambers, or alternatively, the “inner” or “outer” chambers, depending on the airbed model you purchase.

The most understated benefit is the ability to remove ALL the air from the mattress before storing it away. No more crawling around on your knees on the floor trying to force out that last gasp of air. Just turn the dial and the air is quickly sucked out!

Tall Airbeds: The New Wave
Probably the most important innovation has been the raised heights of modern air mattresses. Those 8″ airbeds that practically have you lying on the floor are still available, but the new kids on the block have made a big splash. Standing between 18 and 22 inches tall, these raised air beds make it so easy to lie down, you’ll think you’re getting into a regular bed. Raising your body further from the floor and ease of entry/exit from the bed makes these tall portable air mattresses a no-brainer.

Where Can You Find High Quality Air Mattresses?
Air mattresses can be easily purchased through reputable online merchants. They are generally available in multiple colors, brands and models, at reasonable prices. Many offer free shipping as well. If you want to purchase a specific model and want to know whether it will satisfy your needs, you can read the hundreds of customer reviews which will give you a good feel for the product.

In Summary

With sizes that include twin, queen and king, airbeds today come with features that blow older inflatable beds away. These features make air mattresses high value, affordable options for buyers. The advanced customized support and available air bed heights alone make todays portable air mattresses an easy decision compared with futons or traditional beds.

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