What Are Five Classic Tapestries in Australia


What Are Five Classic Tapestries in Australia

Tapestries have a special charm that makes many people choose them for decorating their interiors. This interior design trend is popular in many countries, on all continents. Australia makes no exception. There are classic tapestries that are in great demand even today. We are going to take a closer look at five of them.

1. Fiona Jude’s Country Threads Series

This series includes several Australian classics such as Arnott’s Parrot, Lest We Forget, Shearing the Rams and Down on His Luck.

2. Martin Winkler’s Floral And Landscape Series

Martin Winkler’s work includes an exquisite series of tapestry kits illustrating classic flower arrangements in vivid colours and elegant shapes. Landscapes, portraits and animal life tapestries are also among the classics of this artist.

3. Historical Scenes

Classic historical scenes tapestries are among the best sellers in Australia, despite the fact that they aren’t related to the history of this country. People enjoy illustrations such as The King Arthur Unicorn, The Knights of the Round Table, The Tournament at Camelot and The Battle of Hastings. William Morris is one of the names worth mentioning here, as his works and his innovative techniques brought the ancient art of tapestry back into the modern trends.

4. The Medieval Mille-Fleurs Collection

Medieval scenery is appreciated by many modern people. This explains the popularity of the “Lady and Unicorn” series, the most sold pieces in this collection being “Lady with the Unicorn – To My Only Desire”, “The Captive Unicorn”, “The Medieval Dance”, “The Medieval Knight” and “Mille-Fleurs Animaux”. All these famous tapestry works date back from the 15th century, the originals being hosted in several museums around the world.

5. The Gallipoli Letter Tapestry

Honoring the sacrifice of the Anzacs, this tapestry took about 2,500 hours to complete. Measuring about three square meters, it is going to be exposed in Canberra, in the Australian War Memorial. It is an impressive work of art created by professional weavers in South Melbourne.

Australia is a country with tradition in tapestry. Many craft artists born here produced outstanding artwork that gained the hearts of average Australians, proud to showcase these creations on the walls of their rooms. Tapestry is a versatile decoration platform, allowing for daring combinations of colours and patterns, creating a good match for virtually any decor in a room. Moreover, their ability to depict stories brought them the popularity their enjoy today. People love stories and what better way there is to have your house tell a good story to your guests? Bare walls ca be dull sometimes, so tapestries with classic subjects such as medieval churches, citadels, war scenes or historical landmarks are more than welcome. Less epic works are also in great demand. Flowers, birds, horses, countryside landscapes and other similar depictions are also among the most sought after classics on the Australian tapestry market.

Last but not least, if you don’t feel like covering your walls in such artwork, you can always choose the woven classic tapestry cushions.

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