When Making a Quilt


When Making a Quilt

The stuffing for the quilt can be either polyester or cotton batting.  In some stores you may be able to find this batling in three thickness – 4 oz, 6 oz, and 8 oz.  Again, remember that the thickness will effect the ability to wash the bedspread, that is, both the physical ability and the financial ability.  Also you will have to consider whether your sewing machine will be able to accomodate the thicker fabrics and batling, unless of course you are sewing it by hand.

There is still another option.  You can sew each “square” separately.  Stuff each square with polyester fiber fill and then sew all the squares together.  This is more time consuming and tedious, but it will give you a very different look.  Be careful doing it this way that you don’t over stuff each square or you will find that you will not be able to wash it because of the bed spreads bulk.

Home style Quilts

Another method, or style, of making a quilt is to make a quilt with scraps of fabric from around the house. A lot of people chose to use things that have special meaning when making their quilts. One way to do this is by using material from baby clothes that you were planning on throwing out or from a baby blanket or some other thing that is made primarily out of fabric.
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If you don’t have anything that you are willing to part with, or perhaps your children aren’t old enough to have old clothing or blankets that no longer fit you could go with scraps of material from things you were just going to throw out. Most people, when a pillow loses its fluff, throw it out. Why not use the fabric and material to start a quilt. Why not turn it into an ongoing project for yourself or your family. When it’s all finished, not only will it keep you warm but it’ll have a great story behnd it and it will once again have a use ni your household.

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